MonAmi Belgian Tervuern

CH. Shumaker Hill's Bedtime Lullaby OA NAJ OAJ RN


Carly's Statistics

D.O.B 10/24/00
Bred by Mike, Kathy and Shawna Wagner.
Owned by Cindi Stanton

OFA BT-3864F24F BT-EL1250F24
CERF BT-2765/2008-88
Thyroid TH127/76F
CHIC #17702

Height/Length: 21.75/23
Dentition/Bite: complete/scissors

Carly Carly Carly Carly Carly

Carly is in charge. If you have any doubt about this, then you have never met Carly. In fact, Carly is the smartest, soundest Belgian we have ever known. The problem with arguing with her is that she is invariably right. She is the leader of the pack, and she is a benevolent and fair one. She is patient and good with puppies, hers and anyone elses. She is good with humans as well; working with both adults who are learning to show and Peri's nephew. She learned Rally faster than Sandi did and then tutored her! She remembered her agility training and came back after a year's hiatus to finish her titles. She's just bright, really wicked bright!

Scary thing is that her first litter of pups are ALL bright, really wicked bright. Other places they are more of a blend and you can see their daddy, Tyler, in them. But they are all scary smart. We are so pleased with these puppies, we have a repeat breeding on the way. Want a dog that's smarter than you are?

Peri Norman

BISS Select CH Paco Van Marafmar Major of Belgian Loyalty Tamerick du Sart des Bois
Kora van de Leienevel Bel Intl CH Grimm van de Hoge Laer
Esta de Landas
Select CH Shumaker Hill's Bedtime Story CH Rockaway Silver Wings CH Crestar's Destyn BAR
CH Rockaway Wild Card O'Sunwise
CH Norheath's Caprice d'Atim C-BAR CH Atim's St Denis
Can CH Atim's Mirande at Norheath
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