MonAmi Belgian Tervuern

MonAmi's Betsy Ross
wins her second of two group placements from the puppy classes, handled by her co-owner, Erika Johnson..

My first Belgian Tervuren came to live with me in early 1988. I'd been showing Shelties for several years with not too much success when I was talked into owning a Terv puppy, one of the last pups left from his litter. Buddy grew up to become Ch. Cavalier's Perfect Partner, CDX and was the start of a love affair with Tervs that has changed my life forever. Buddy, along with my two girls, Ch. After Shock MonAmi Leto, CD and Ch. Symons' Tresor Café d'MonAmi, became the foundation for MonAmi Tervuren. They were structurally sound dogs, with lovely temperaments, and our successes have been many. Buddy
CH. Cavalier's Perfect Partner CDX

They, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have participated in conformation, junior showmanship, obedience, herding, agility and flyball. My goals are to retain the sound temperament, versatility, structure and movement I began with, while adding a little European flair. I have recently become very concerned with the current trends we are seeing in the Belgian Tervuren show and performance arenas, and in many breeding programs. It seems that many people are putting great emphasis on a style of dog with beautiful head (although sometimes extreme), short back (again sometimes too short) and an overall exaggerated look. At the same time, our standard's emphasis on structure that will support a versatile, hard working dog is being lost. Too many of the resulting dogs are fine boned with straight angulation and short upper arms. Their movement is often restricted, particularly in the front. Their gait is not effortless, flowing and smooth, and they often have problems jumping in the agility arena. These Tervs will not be able to hold up structurally to a long, active life as performance dogs or family pets. The emphasis at MonAmi is on structure and movement as it is described in our AKC standard. Combined with correct overall type, temperament and drive, this should result in dogs that can excel in whatever venue is requested of them, including as outstanding companions.

Minion Traveller Cheeros Visa
Minion, aka.
CH. MonAmi Where's The Party
Traveler, aka.
CH. MonAmi Time Traveler
Cheerio, aka.
MonAmi Last Mango
In Paris RN
Visa, aka.
MonAmi Monarch
Sweet Treat

I am only one person, with only so much time and space. I have been very fortunate to work with several other breeders who share a similar vision.

First on the list is my dear friend and partner in Tervuren, Peri Norman. We argue and discuss, and we hammer out the framework of our breeding program, year after year. Peri's husband, Bob Nishikawa, is always supportive of our schemes and keeps us well fed. Her mother, Maga, is a puppy raiser extraordinaire. Her sister, Cara Gregor, along with her family, Rob and Jenny, raise well socialized puppies on their acreage in Montana. As they say, it takes a village, and these are the pillars of our community.

Carole Eklund of Calia-Cavalier Belgians has long been a working partner as well as Tim Beihoff of Allstar Belgians and Jill and Ron Thomas of Savanna Belgians. More recently, Jo Fain of Vivant et Lisse Tervuren and Nancy McClure of Monarch Tervuren have also been working with us. You will see their names throughout these pages as collaborators on Belgian Tervuren of outstanding structure and character.

I wouldn't have achieved any of the things I have in dogs without the support of my parents. They have lived with my dog addiction since I was twelve years old and bought my first show dog. They continue to help to this day, with moral support and caring for the stay at home dogs whenever I'm out of town.

I am a member of the American Belgian Tervuren Club.

Our dogs are the first Belgian Tervuren to be entered into the OFA's new dentition database.

MonAmi Belgian Tervuren
Sandi Weldon & Peri Norman

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