MonAmi Belgian Tervuern

MonAmi's Parrothead, RAE NAJ


JB's Statistics

Bred by Sandi Weldon, Peri Norman
Owned by Jenny and Cara Greger

OFA BT-5034G26M-VPI and BT-EL2278F25-VPI
Height/Length: coming soon
Testicles - monorchid
Dentition/Bite: complete/scissors


JB was my first Belgian Tervuren. I knew him since the day he was born because he was born at my house along with his two big sisters, who both always beat up on poor little JB. I was able to keep a puppy out of the litter,and I had wanted a male, so JB was the obvious choice. However, I think Iwould have chosen him even if I wasn't set on getting a male. As a puppy, he did a ton of stuff with me, including going on walks with me and my 4-H lambs, going to the local burger drive-in, going to the river, going to Home Depot, and going on hikes around the property. JB has a TON of energy. This can be both good and bad. Like the little energizer bunny, he'll go and go for hours doing anything with me, but that makes it difficult to just relax with him since he is always on the go and wanting to do something. As he has gotten older, he is getting better about being calm when necessary, but he is still very energetic. People are shocked to hear that he is 5 when they see how much drive and energy he has.

I participate in my local 4-H dog agility and dog obedience classes with JB and we have received Grand Champion in our division for the 4-H agility show 4 years in a row, and Grand Champion 3 of the 4 years we've competed in the 4-H obedience show. I wasn't really planning on doing that much agility with JB, but he made that decision when he was six months old. We were at a conformation match in Helena, and right next to the conformation ring they were running an agility match. JB had never seen agility in his life, but the moment he saw it he lost his mind. That was all he wanted to do, he just knew that agility was his calling. Of course, once we started in on the 4-H agility classes, he excelled. At the 2011 Tervuren National, he received hisfirst agility title, Novice Jumpers with Weaves.

Along with agility, I have also trained JB in obedience. He also finished his Rally Advanced-Excellent title at the 2011 national. At the national,during his Rally Advanced run for his title, there was a little incident with the off-set figure eight. The distractions used for this figure eight were stuffed, plush sheep, and when we came to them, JB totally ignored my "leave it" command and grabbed one of the sheep and "killed it" by shaking it violently. Fortunately, we were able to re-do the figure eight and qualified. At the time, I was pretty darn mad at him, but after I learned wequalified it is just another memory of JB that makes me laugh.

Unfortunately, because we both get too stressed in the obedience ring, he hasn't received an obedience title. However, we still do obedience for fun and for 4-H.I also compete with JB in Junior Handling. Along with the two performance titles we earned at the 2011 national, we also got Best Junior Handler. I have achieved many Best Junior Handler awards showing JB. Because I have trained him well, he does very good showing. But, because of his energy, he doesn't just stand still as a statue like some show dogs do. The way I've always looked at that though, is that in the Terv standard, it describes a Terv as eing in motion and full of life. Unfortunately, I am not able to compete with JB in conformation because he is cryptorchid and too short, but being a Terv as we call him makes him perfect for agility.

JB is most of all just a great friend. It is really easy to teach him new games and he is always eager to do something with me. Family of mine just moved near us from Florida and have a wrap around deck on their new house. My cousins and I play tag on the deck, and I taught JB how to spy around the corner to see if the person who is it is there. It only took him a day to figure it out and if there is no one around the corner he keeps leading the way, and if someone is there, he stands his ground and looks at me or runs back to me. There are many other crazy things I've taught him too, but it would take many more words to tell all the stories. Overall, JB is a great friend to me and everyone he meets, and in my opinion he is the best Belgian Tervuren in the world.

BISS CH Allstar MonAmi Walk This Way PT
CH MonAmi Baikal Two Perfect
Select CH Perfect of the Two CD BAR
BISS Select CH MonAmi Allie Oops NA NAJ C-BAR
CH Jaccar's Reina de la Risa C-BAR
BIS/BISS CH Rougemont's Yessits Allstar CDX
CH Jaccar's Noelle of Camarade
CH Shumaker Hills Bedtime Lullaby RN OA OAJ
BISS Select CH Paco van Marafmar
Major of Belgian Loyalty
Kora van de Leienevel
Select CH Shumaker Hills Bedtime Story
CH Rockaway Silver Wings
CH Norheath's Caprice d'Atim C-BAR

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