MonAmi Belgian Tervuern

CH. MonAmi Monarch Crossing the Rubicon, RN


Ruby's Statistics

D.O.B 06/28/2008
Bred by Sandi Weldon and Nancy McClure.
Owned by Sandi Weldon

OFA BT-5431G28F BT-EL2670F28
CERF BT-3834/2009-7
CHIC # 69410

Height/Length: 24/24
Length of Scapula 7.5"
Length of Upper Arm 7.5"
Dentition/Bite: missing 4 pm2s/scissors


Ruby inherited the best of both of her parents. She is outgoing and confident, sparkly and energetic and loves working and learning. She is bright and biddable, and loves to do things right. As I write this, at 17 months Ruby is very close to finishing her championship, winning a 5 point specialty major and a Best of Breed for her second major. She is beginning her work in agility and she loves it. She is not typical of our MonAmi puppies, who are often cute and fluffy as puppies. Ruby is tall and leggy, and has yet to carry much coat. I think that when she matures, she will be lovely, but she has more growing to do.

OTCH CH Starbright Pandemonium UDX5 RE MX MXJ OF OTCH CH Starbright Inverness Glory UDX TDX HT CH Starbright Film Star HT
CH Vallivue Britannia TDX BAR
CH Starbright Kachina CDX Select CH Perfect of the Two CD BAR
CH Starbright Fait Accompli TDX BAR
CH MonAmi Sweet Journey To Monarch HSAs CH Snowflower Sweet Dill CH Monarch Due South T'Windamyr CD
CH Snowflower Desert Saracen CD HT
BISS Select CH Allstar MonAmi Journey Thru Time HIC CH MonAmi Baikal Two Perfect
CH Jaccar's Reina de la Risa C-BAR

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