MonAmi Belgian Tervuern

Ch MonAmi Cavalier Fire Storm


Sparky's Statistics

Whelped 11/13/2006
Bred by Sandi Weldon, Carole Eklund and Lisa Conklin
Owned by Sherry Bunch and Sandi Weldon

OFA BT-5136E28M
OFA BT-EL2404M28
CERF BT-3876/27-2009
CHIC #57661
Height: 26.5"
Dentition/Bite: complete/scissors

sparky sparky sparky sparky

Sparky is a bright, happy boy. His family is in the military, so he has moved around a bit, but has managed to hit some shows, and now needs just a major to finish his championship. Sherry and Sparky have dabbled a bit in herding, and he has shown promise in that area, too. Sparky is from a two puppy litter, his litter sister is Ch MonAmi Take Fire At Cavalier.

He's very sweet and silly. He's a talker, but the trait we get the biggest kick out of is his smile. He always 'grins' at you when he first sees you, and it is a bit disconcerting to my daughter's friends at first! The tail never stops wagging and when he's really excited it goes in circles--we call it his propeller tail. Lauren has taught him to grin on command with a hand gesture. He has a lock on the 'puppy dog' look to get you to pet him, and if you ignore his head he rotates his butt around and leans on you till you scratch him between his hip bones, which is his favorite spot. When he's relaxed he groans, there's just no other word for it. His favorite activity is to disembowel all his stuffed toys so my house is frequently floating with stuffing. His goal seems to be to pull the squeaker, but once he's in the stuffing has to go. He's also a free spirit, so his second favorite activity is to find an open door and fly out to roam the neighborhood or to herd my horses--at which time he becomes conveniently totally deaf and untrained. Needless to stay, we are paranoid about gates and doors and don't do off leash work a lot! When we get near a show site, he whines and whimpers as gets all wound up--it's amazing how he realized where he is. He's a favorite cuddle spot for my youngest cat. He thinks all kids should want to play with him, and all little white dogs must be toys for him. He's a great dog, and as hopefully we finish up his title this summer, and my work schedule slows down a bit, I'm hoping to find a training club around here to get back into agility and work at least on a CD for him. I think he loved the herding test and I'd like to get him going on that, but I think that will end up waiting until we get back to Colorado.

Eng CH Vallivue Bon Chance
Eng CH Norrevang Bacchus of Belamba
Fr CH Sam de la Douce Plaine
Jerome Nille
Snowbourn Enchantress of Vallivue
Eng CH Bandol de la Pouroffe at Snowbourn
Goveton Sunbeam
CH MonAmi Take Heart At Cavalier OA OAJ
Select CH Cavalier's Perfect Partner CDX TT HIC
Select CH Hi-Time's Quirk of Pinkcliffs C-BAR
CH Cavalier's Karisma CD
CH After Shock MonAmi Rebel Heart RN OA OAJ
BISS Select CH Ionesco de la Grande Lande
CH Aftershock Lady Gwennevere CDX
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