MonAmi Belgian Tervuern

MonAmi Journey to the Top CDX RE PT


Topper's Statistics

D.O.B 06/16/05
Bred by Sandi Weldon, Peri Norman, and Nancy McClure.
Owned by Jo Fain, Sandi Weldon, and Peri Norman.

OFA BT-4812G24M BT-EL2104M24
CERF BT-3638/49-2009
Pannus diagnosed 2011
Height/Length: 24.5/25
Length of scapula 7 3/8"
Length of upper arm 7 3/8"
Dentition/Bite: full/scissors

Topper Topper Topper Topper

Born a singleton puppy, Topper was special right from the start. He was big and strong and very social from the time he was a little baby. Because he was the only puppy in the litter, he got lots of special attention and is growing up thinking that he is the center of the universe. That attitude carries over into everything he does. Jo is already doing lots of training with Topper, and he is excelling at everything he tries. We plan a very special career for this special boy.

CH. Snowflower Sweet Dill CH. Monarch's Due South T'Windamyr CD CH. Camarade Kahn O'Crocs-Blancs CD BAR
CH. Russell's Cadence de Rythm
CH. Snowflower Desert Saracen CD HT CH. Snowflower Vivace du Soleil
CH. Snowflower Tuceau de Sharvon CDX PT AX AXJ
BISS Select CH. Allstar MonAmi Journey Thru Time HIC CH. MonAmi Baikal Two Perfect Select CH. Perfect of the Two CD BAR
BISS Select CH. MonAmi Allie Oops NA NAJ C-BAR
CH. Jaccar's Reina de la Risa C-BAR BIS/BISS CH. Rougemont's Yessits Allstar CDX
CH. Jaccar's Noelle of Camarade
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