MonAmi Belgian Tervuern

CH. Allstar MonAmi Walk This Way PT TT RA


Tyler's Statistics

D.O.B 11/18/00
Bred by Tim Beihoff and Carol Allen.
Owned by Peri Norman & Bob Nishikawa

OFA BT-3878G24M BT-EL1262M24
CERF BT-2764/98-2009
Thyroid OFA TH112/109M-PI
Cardiac BT-CA64/26M/C CHIC #16471

Height/Length: 24.25/24.25
Dentition/Bite: full/scissors OFA BT-DE1/133M

Tyler Tyler Tyler Tyler

Perhaps because he has spent his whole life as Cheetah's Baby Brother, it seems hard to believe that Tyler is mere weeks away from being a Veteran.

Tyler is one of the sweetest, kindest dogs I have ever known. He truly loves puppies, and remembers the puppies he has raised for us well into their adulthood. When he was attending obedience class, he was the dog to go next to any dog with issues: big nasty dogs, little scared dogs, bitches in season. Nothing fazes Tyler.

Tyler is a very biddable dog. Although his formal training and pursuit of titles has been hampered over the past couple of years by Peri's health problems, Tyler gave her neice, Jenny, a wonderful, positive start in the Juniors ring. By the time Tyler's son, JB, was ready to walk in the ring, Jenny was skilled enough to hit the ground running and they haven't looked back. Peri's neice, Erika, says it's her turn next.

Tyler's detractors find much to complain about; probably most of it is true. However, his strengths are his lovely temperament, breadth and depth of pedigree for health and superior structure. He's our kinda guy!

Peri Norman

CH. MonAmi Baikal Two Perfect Select CH. Perfect of the Two CD BAR Bel. CH. Jonathan of the Two
Milady of the Two
BISS Select CH. MonAmi Allie Oops NA NAJ C-BAR Select CH. Cavalier's Perfect Partner CDX TT HIC
CH. After Shock MonAmi Leto CD
CH. Jaccar's Reina de la Risa C-BAR BIS/BISS CH. Rougemont's Yessits Allstar CDX BIS/BISS CH. Snowflower Voila Sharvonne CD TD BAR
CH. Yessit Casual Affair CDX TD
CH. Jaccar's Noelle of Camarade CH. Camarade Kahn O'Crocs-Blanc CD BAR
CH. Foxtrot Absolutely Camarade
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